Content design portfolio – Tom Resing

The power of software has impressed me from an early age and I’ve worked on software my entire career. Writing and design became more and more of my work over time.

Before joining Microsoft, I wrote more than 200 blog posts published over 10 years to In 2013, I co-authored a book that received 4.5 stars from 39 ratings on

For the past 8 years at Microsoft, I’ve focused on UX writing and content design for web and mobile apps. In 2019, I joined a product incubation project as the first content designer on the team developing what became two separate products. 

  1. With Microsoft Syntex, now part of SharePoint Premium, you can apply AI models to automatically identify the type of content in any file and pull information out of the file.
    • Syntex was announced at Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference in October 2019 as Project Cortex.
    • I currently lead the content design for these content AI tools.
  2. Microsoft Viva Topics shows you info about topics that are important to your work.
    • Viva Topics became available for most Microsoft 365 customers in early 2021.
    • I transitioned this work to two junior content designers in July 2022.

I also prepare and deliver presentations about content design both to internal Microsoft audiences and at public conferences. The following two public presentations are examples of the topics and conferences I’ve presented at publicly.

Microsoft Viva Topics – topic recommendations

Viva matches you with topics you’ve worked on. The following screenshot shows an example of a topic I was matched to. For a deep dive on this example, read how I applied heuristics to improve this experience (on

Screenshot of Microsoft Viva Topics, topic recommendations