Content design portfolio – Tom Resing

For 24 years, I’ve worked entirely in software, and writing has always played a role. I’ve published over 200 blog posts over 10 years at In 2013, I co-authored a book that received 4.5 stars from 39 ratings on For the past 5 years at Microsoft, I’ve focused on UX writing and content design.

For the last year and a half I’ve been the lead content designer on two new products. This portfolio includes highlights from my recent content design work, focusing on the UX writing for the products.

  1. SharePoint Syntex allows model builders to automatically identify file types and pull information from them. It was released at Microsoft Ignite last October.
  2. Microsoft Viva Topics shows you info about topics that are important to your work. It was released on February 4th at a special launch event announcing the full Microsoft Viva platform.

Microsoft Viva Topics – topic recommendations

Viva matches you with topics you’ve worked on. The following screenshot is an example of how I was matched and how I confirmed my connections with some topics. For a deep dive on this example, read how I applied heuristics to improve this experience (on

Screenshot of Microsoft Viva Topics, topic recommendations