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Windows SharePoint Services 4.0 named and breaking changes

In the first vNext news since my SharePoint 2010 post, Microsoft has identified Windows SharePoint Service 4.0 by name in a CustomListView knowledge base article. In addition, the Pre-Upgrade Checker that links to the Knowledge Base Article naming the new version identifies a number of breaking changes. Breaking Changes Avoid Custom List Views Gary Lapointe’s analysis suggests avoiding custom list views in Features as they may break. Custom Field Type Warning Also from Mr. Lapointe, "if you are creating custom

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SharePoint 14, SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2012. The next version is a long way off by any name

It’s been almost two years since the SharePoint 2007 technologies were released. With Windows 7 plans solidifying, what do we know about the next versions of Office and SharePoint?     Very Little Detail on the Web From what I can find on the web, relatively nothing. The last official word I heard was from Bill Gates himself in Redmond. I was in the room next door when he talked about Improvements to the List Architecture, but revealed little else. And

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