Change your Site Title, Change your Page Title

Have you ever noticed that the default SharePoint page type shares its homepage title with the site? I was just asked today how to change the title on the homepage of a team site today. It took me a few minutes to make the connection.


Let’s say you created a new team site called test. The homepage will have a title of “Home”.

Screenshot of a standard SharePoint team site

Site Settings Drop Down

To change the title of the page, start with the gear icon in the Office 365 top menu next to my name.Office 365 Settings Drop Down Menu

Look and Feel > Title, description and logo

On a standard SharePoint Team Site, you edit the title from the Look and Feel section of the Site Settings page. To get to the option, you select the link, “Title, description and logo.”

Site Settings page

Site Title

After you enter your new title and hit “OK” on the Title, Description, and Logo Site Settings, the homepage title updates as well.

Site Title editing screenshot

New title in the top site navigation

Your new title shows in the top navigation menu for the Team Site, as well as in the body of the page, as it’s title.

Team site with new title

All the steps in one gif

Screenshot of home

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