4th Week at Microsoft!

I’m closing in on my 4th week as a Microsoft employee. It’s been great meeting new people, reconnecting with others and generally learning about and exploring this vast place and my new role. Some highlights so far have been watching The Future of SharePoint event live on-campus with product team members, receiving my first big assignment of documenting the SharePoint mobile app and participating in the Collab 365 Summit which had a live segment filmed about a mile from my office.

Collab 365 Summit

Live Show

In the live session “How to get started as a Developer!,” Christina, Andy and I focused on SharePoint and Office 365 Development. We covered topics ranging from the classic full trust development model in SharePoint On-Premises to the upcoming release of The SharePoint Framework in SharePoint Online. There were questions from newbies to development and those with advanced questions. Overall, it was a fun time. Register for the Summit and you can watch the replay if you’re interested.


Recorded Session

I also pre-recorded a session, “What does Delve really reveal?,” which played at 1PM Pacific today. It’s also available for viewing on demand. Again, please register for the Collab 365 Summit to get the playback on demand, including the chat and live demos.

The slides for the session are available on slideshare, as well. You won’t get the demos without the video, but the links to resources are live in the last few slides of the deck.


By the way, the team I’ve joined at Microsoft publishes most of our material to Support.office.com. Two great examples of Delve content there are:

  1. What is Office Delve?
  2. How does Office Delve know what’s relevant to me?

The Future of SharePoint

I wrote up some thoughts before the Future of SharePoint event, already. After seeing the keynote and the follow up materials, it was even more than I expected.

If you haven’t yet, check out the main Future of SharePoint blogpost on blogs.office.com. It includes an intro video from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, summarizes the major announcements and links to more detailed blog posts and YouTube videos.

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