The new SharePoint app – it’s Mobile!

3 years ago, SharePoint Apps were a development topic. Last year, the “app model” name was changed to the “add-in model.” May 4th, 2016, with the announcement of “the SharePoint mobile app,” last year’s change seems more appropriate.

Did the app model change to the add-in model to make way for the mobile apps?

I’ve always thought “the app model” suggested mobile app development. The change to “the add-in model” has been kind of hard to explain to developers.  Whether or not the change  in name was necessary to introduce the SharePoint mobile app, the mobile app fills a big hole for SharePoint.

Read more about the SharePoint Mobile App

The SharePoint Product Team has been busy publishing new material this week. Make sure to read the Future of SharePoint event’s main follow up blog post, The Future of SharePoint. Most of the announcements are summarized in that blog, and the mobile app roadmap is documented.

Also, check out these additional pieces exclusively on mobile:

Your  Intranet in Your Pocket: The SharePoint mobile App

SharePoint—the mobile and intelligent intranet

Read the blog post and watch the video which  both cover more than just the SharePoint app.

Are you excited about the mobile app?

Personally, I couldn’t have been more excited to hear about the SharePoint mobile app. A mobile app from Microsoft, exclusively focused on SharePoint, is something I’ve thought was missing for a very long time. I know I’m not the only one.

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