Social Intranet Resources Needed

Search google or Amazon for the words “social intranet” and you won’t find a lot of great resources. Why is that?

I started a conversation on twitter today asking a similar question and was lucky to have a number of very experienced intranet developers respond.


Who Cares?

When I do a search for “social intranet” on the Jive Community, I see a totally different picture.

Consulting companies are talking about it:

Alcatel-Lucent is talking about it:

And of course, Jive Professional Services and Product Marketing are talking about it and questioning it:

Beyond the Jive Community

I don’t believe the words intranets and social are linked only by members of the Jive Community. It’s time for more resources. I’ll look at what part I can do to contribute. I’m sure I’m not the only one. If you see great material that covers both these terms, please let me know in the comments below, by twitter @resing or through my contact page here at

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  1. I definitely disagree. Social intranet still plays important role with companies especially when it comes to employee-employer communication. You might want to check for you to know. It will justify what I am saying here.

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