SPTechCon San Francisco 2014 Highlights

SPTechCon San Francisco 2014 wrapped up last Friday. I was there from end to end, presenting in the first time slot Wednesday and the last time slot Friday.

Here are some of my highlights from the show:

Andrew Connell’s Keynote

Andrew Connell Keynote

Andrew encouraged attendees to get used to the fact that Microsoft is moving to the cloud. As an example, he pointed out that Yammer has no executable install file. It is cloud only. And further, SharePoint Social will not be updated. If you’re not listening to the Microsoft Cloud Show he does with Microsoft Product Manager Chris Johnson, you should check it out.

Other Cloud Presentations

Longtime San Antonio SharePoint User Group supporter Jason Himmelstein presented on SharePoint and Azure.


SharePoint MVP and security specialist Liam Cleary talked about authenticating SharePoint with Google Accounts.

Liam Cleary

My Presentations

I enjoy presenting. I like to share what I’ve learned with others. I also learn from the process and the feedback. This was my second SPTechCon and I gave 3 presentations.

Jive Software

There were a lot of conversations going on at the Jive Software booth in the Exhibit Hall. James White and others were sharing our customers’ experiences using Jive’s ability to connect people as a compliment to document sharing and existing intranets in SharePoint.



During my presentations, I also got a chance to meet customers who were doing the same like Caitlin Young from First Republic Bank and Matt Duval from Ironwood Pharmaceuticals.




San Francisco and Friends

Of course, I was glad to take advantage of the great downtown location to see some sights and enjoy some time with fellow speakers.



I love to use twitter at conferences. I share what I learn and connect to others through twitter. Here are my top tweets for #SPTechCon , according to twitter:



My slide decks are built for presenting, not reading later. One slide from each deck useful after the presentation is the references slide. Here are the links from those:

SharePoint Administration – Talk the Talk

Planning Site Content

A Practical Use of External Data Sources



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