Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Inside Out Early Release

I’m so excited to see that the second book I’ve co-authored has made it to the Early Release stage!

You can purchase Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Inside Out Early Release at today.

When you purchase an Early Release book like this, you will receive the first 10 chapters we’ve drafted and all updates to the digital edition including the final release E-book. If you’re not familiar with O’Reilly E-books, they are all DRM free and available to read in formats readable on most book readers, tablets and computers. The Early Release is also selling today at $39.99 which is a discount to the list price showing at Amazon of $49.99.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Inside Out is for the Advanced Information Worker Topic. A basic understanding of SharePoint IW concepts is assumed so that my co-authors and I could dive deep into more advanced topics like Administration for Business Users and in the 23rd chapter, after all the other topics, Enhancing SharePoint with Custom Development, two favorites of mine!

I’m so lucky to have worked on this book with such a great team including my co-authors, Darvish Shadravan, Penelope Coventry, and Christina Wheeler, contributing authors Javier Barrera and Sam Larko, technical editor Neil Hodgkinson and editors Katharine Dvorak and Kenyon Brown. With so many great contributors, I hope you get a chance to enjoy our work and I hope it helps you in your work.

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  1. Great Post.. SharePoint supports intranet, extranet, and Internet applications from a single, integrated platform.

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