Two Firsts: Rackspace blog + webinar

Free Webinar this Wednesday at 1PM Central.

That’s the main theme of my first post on the Rackspace Blog.

  Upcoming Webinar: SharePoint Development in the Cloud

I’m really excited about both. As a SharePoint Developer and Consultant, I’ve been blogging and speaking for quite a while. However, I think looks good on me. What do you think?

I hope you’ll join me for the upcoming webinar. If you’ve ever wanted to see how to spin up a new server in 15 minutes for very little cost, this is the show for you! Or maybe you just want to support a friendly SharePoint MCM. 🙂

SharePoint Development in the Cloud is a passion of mine, so I chose the topic. However, if you’ve got an idea for a topic you’d like to see in an upcoming webinar, drop me a note in the comments or email

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