Excel Co-Authoring does work in SharePoint 2010 Office Web Apps

Talking to Jeff Deverter yesterday about how cool Excel Co-Authoring was in SkyDrive, I couldn’t answer whether two or more people could edit the same Excel Spreadsheet in the version of Office Web Apps that comes with SharePoint Server 2010. But now, I can. They can!

In the screen shot above, notice the “2 people editing” message in the Excel status bar. The example is from the Microsoft Information Worker VM.

If you’d like to see a great demo of how it works in both Skydrive and in on-premises SharePoint Deployments watch this office tips and tricks video.

More Details on Co-Authoring with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010

While the co-authoring supported by excel only works in the browser, other office clients support co-authoring in the rich clients and OneNote supports it in both. I found the great summary below of the co-authoring products on office.microsoft.com. This states which clients and web apps support which features.


Server Requirements

Common Scenarios

Word 2010

SharePoint Technologies

Any document including proposals, plans, vision statements, minutes, newsletters, and reports

PowerPoint 2010

SharePoint Technologies

Any presentation including training, conferences, post-mortems, product overviews, handbooks, and project status reports

Excel Web App

SharePoint Technologies and Office Web Apps

Any spreadsheet, including team financial modeling, business-to business product line update on a web page, and real-time trading spreadsheet trackers

OneNote 2010

SharePoint Technologies

Any notebook, including recurring meeting minutes, project brainstorming ("group-think"), shared research and reference material, and shared training courses

OneNote Web App

SharePoint Technologies and Office Web Apps



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  1. Tom, will co-authoring still work say in a PowerPoint presentation or Word Doc if we’re using SharePoint 2010 (On-Premise) but have Office 2013 installed?

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