Removing the Name ActiveX on 2010 the 2007 way

I got a new laptop for work last week and noticed that was asking readers to install that silly Name ActiveX control. Actually, I noticed was showing it first and after Mark fixed his so quickly, I figured I better do the same.


You may be more familiar with my other new coworkers like Shane, Todd, John, Randy, Laura, Jennifer and Raymond. However, fanatical SharePoint Engineer Mark Watts, on the Rackspace Managed SharePoint team, has an excellent looking SharePoint blog hosted on SharePoint at Rackspace with almost 10 branding focused posts since the beginning of 2012.


KB 932519 written for 2007, still applies if you don’t have access to the Central Admin method. However, the steps in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article still require access to the server if you follow them exactly. At my current host, I don’t, and a slight modification of the steps gets the desired results.

No Server Access Steps

Do: use the same script as the KB

function ProcessImn()
       if (typeof(ctx)=="undefined") return;
       if (ctx.CurrentUserId == -1) return;
       if (EnsureIMNControl() && IMNControlObj.PresenceEnabled)

Do: Save the script to file named initNoPresence.js

Don’t: save it to the SharePoint Root, put it somewhere like the SiteAssets folder

Do: insert the following link in your v4.master just before the end head tag, </HEAD> :

<script type="text/javascript" src="/SiteAssets/initNoPresence.js"></script>


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