SharePoint Weekly, Andrew Connell and MVVM

I just noticed on the SharePoint Weekly Newsletter from Nick Swan that Andrew Connell has a new blog series on SharePoint, Silverlight and MVVM. Developers love design patterns and just the thought of MVVM takes me back to my one of my favorite Computer Science classes on Java 15 years ago.

If you’re not familiar with Andrew, you should check out some of his stuff. He’s one of my favorite SharePoint Development Authors and Presenters and having shared a few pints with him, I can say he’s a nice guy. I’ve been reading his blog posts and books since the Microsoft Content Management Server days before SharePoint 2007 when he was one of about two reliable sources I found on the product. One of his latest books is Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010 which I’ve only skimmed but this one he co-authored looks to be the premier SharePoint 2010 dev book from MS Press.


If you haven’t heard of SharePoint Weekly, check it out here:

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