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Why I contributed to this book

I wrote this book because my friends and family want to know more about what I do in my day job. So much of my time is spent with the technical details behind the scenes of great SharePoint deployments, but it’s the people looking at that from the other side that really matter. If this book can help explain what people can do with the tools I can help put in front of them, it will make my technical work that much more rewarding.

Why this book is important

This book is important because SharePoint is growing so fast and people want to know what it is and what they can do with it. This product is Microsoft’s fastest growing server based product ever. And that’s saying a lot considering how many people use Exchange for email through the Outlook client. Sooner or later, your organization will give you access to a SharePoint server if they haven’t already. And soon after that, you may be asked to use a SharePoint site to help coordinate project work or provide information to your team. SharePoint’s growing fast and this book will help those who want to use it to get their ideas out there and hear back from those that are looking for their creative work.

The most important takeaway

After reading this book, you will be better prepared for the challenges you might face as you dig deeper into SharePoint. For example, if you know how to create a list in SharePoint and how to create a worksheet in Excel, you will learn how to show the SharePoint list in Excel. It’s not hard to do, but the first time you do it, it helps to have this handy reference.

Who will read this book

So many people are familiar with Microsoft tools for writing, presenting and calculating, but haven’t dug deep into SharePoint yet. I have so many people ask me “What is SharePoint?” or even “Do I have SharePoint?” And these are people that use complimentary Microsoft products like Outlook, Word and Excel every day. This book is for them.

The book’s importance preparing readers for the future

SharePoint is not going away any time soon. Microsoft’s past investments in this platform have been huge and they are only getting bigger. With the increased investment in the cloud hosted version of SharePoint Online in Office 365, the audience for this collaboration product has the potential to grow even faster next year. As the world moves further into sharing information with friends, family and co-workers on the web, this book will help you take advantage of Microsoft’s best tool for doing just that.

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