SharePoint Mapping Mashups Reprised

Last night, I gave the Mapping Mashups in SharePoint 2010 presentation to the San Antonio SharePoint User Group. Most of the presentation was demo and I performed the demo steps live on a new site I created under at

Pictured above is a screenshot of the demo site after I added some detail. You can find all the demos live on the site, the code I used, the presentation slide deck and even a picture taken of the audience while I gave the demo.

When I gave a similar presentation 2 weeks ago to the Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint Community, I was excited to see how quickly they were able to add their city information from all over the world from the first demo while I gave the other 2 demos. That gave me a very interesting result from Demo 3, show all the contacts on a map as shown below. Link through for the live page on

I drew inspiration, and code from many places over the year starting with Greg Chan’s Post on the SharePoint Designer Team Blog which Jeff Deverter originally turned me on to. And most recently, Mark Rackley’s “Using Google Maps to Populate an Address…” which I borrowed a lot of code from for the first demo. In the past, I’ve detailed some of the steps to add maps to your SharePoint site in previous posts. What I did last night was very similar in the Content Editor Web Part and Data Form Web Part pieces. The only difference was the updated code I used for filling the form and using the newest Google Maps API that doesn’t require a key.

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