Windows 8 Tablets Are Live Today

Update 8PM: The developer preview link is live and appears to be working. My 3.8GB download says it will be done in 25 minutes.

This news has the potential to change life as a Microsoft oriented Software Developer fairly quickly.

Windows 8 Tablets are live, at least 5000 or so given away at Microsoft’s Build Conference.
Engadget has one of these Samsung Slate Devices and recorded a video using one:​or-tablets-hands-on-preview/

They did a full hands on review of the same tablet running Windows 7 a couple weeks back. It will be on sale this month with Win7 for a little more than $1K:​ries-7-slate-pc-hands-on/

The Windows 8 Developer Preview will be available for public download today, so theoritcally you could buy one of these Samsung Slates at the end of the month and have your own Windows 8 Tablet running before Halloween.

Computerworld puts the number of attendees at BUILD at 5000, not 1000 like I guessed at first:​71/5_000_Microsoft_developers_get_Samsung_preview_​tablets


BUILD attendees take home Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC/slate – istartedsomething

Windows 8 Developer Slate

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