SharePoint Conference 2011 is going to Disneyland

I wonder how many people caught the Live Chat on the Microsoft SharePoint Team’s Facebook page today. I missed the chat but noticed in the transcript some interesting details. First of all, Microsoft is renting Disneyland for a SharePoint Conference Party on the Tuesday night of the event. Only makes sense being in Anaheim, right?


Other than that, I didn’t see much new in the chat. Eric kind of dodged a question by Rick Taylor about mobile, one about Skype and another about Windows 8. He confirmed Office 365 will have Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and PowerPivot at an unannounced date in the future and that SharePoint’s Service Pack 1 will be released at the end of June.

  1. I wonder if the rides will be activated as features… 😉

  2. Maybe! I noticed yesterday that MS announced a Disneyland Kinect Game that lets you experience the rides on XBox.

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