SharePoint Overflow 2.0 needs 70 more commitments

To date, more than 2700 questions about SharePoint have been answered on But the site may not last. The host, StackExchange has given an get up or get out order.

In order to keep SharePointOverflow alive, the site must convert to StackExchange 2.0.

In order to convert, the community needs around 70 more volunteers to register at and commit to the SharePoint Overflow proposal


Update 3/10/2011: Don’t forget to build up your reputation on,, or one of the other StackExchange sites. The proposal has enough volunteers by number now, but it needs 30-40 more of those who have committed to earn at least 200 reputation on at least one of the sites above. I suggest answering or asking a few questions on StackOverflow about SharePoint as there is a lot of SharePoint activity there.

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