TechEd 2011 Presentation Ideas

imageTechEd 2011 USA is coming up in May in Atlanta. I went to last year’s conference as a Learning Ambassador for SharePoint in Microsoft’s Technical Learning Pavilion. It was probably my favorite conference experience so far. Not only did I learn a lot and pass a certification test, I met a lot of great people who also happen to be technical experts. This year, I’ve noticed that the organizers are taking session preferences in to mind on the TechEd 2011 website. You can indicate your preference and add comments.

I’d really like to share the experience I’ve gained working with different organizations in their efforts to make SharePoint work the best it can for them. Feel free to check out my presentation submissions and let me know what you think:

Three Administration Concepts Every Developer Should Know

SharePoint  |  Level 300 – Advanced

SharePoint Development requires a lot of knowledge about SharePoint itself. But the line between IT Pro and Developer topics is blurry. From my background as a developer and my experience with the Microsoft Certified Master, I will present some easy to learn Administration concepts that will make SharePoint Development easy. Topics may include: Installation, content upgrade and migration, site provisioning, managed metadata and Powershell.

End User Experience for SharePoint Server Administrators

SharePoint | Level 300 – Advanced

SharePoint 2010 introduces service applications on the back end and a whole lot of new features on the front end. As an administrator, do you ever feel lost configuring service applications for features you’ve never used? See how using search, user profiles and managed metadata works. A Microsoft Certifed Master will give you a peek behind server changes that make user experience better.

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