Questions for a SharePoint Expert? Join our live chat next Wednesday

Join me on a live chat next Wednesday at 11AM Central.

One thing I’ve like about Microsoft for a long time is the amount of tools and advice they give us software developers. I mean, Microsoft creates some pretty great software for just about everyone – Windows and Office are obvious choices there that most everyone I know uses. But for someone who likes to create and configure software like me, Microsoft does more than the other software companies.

My first discovery of Microsoft’s resources for devs was the MSDN website on That, along with and MSDN subscription are essential tools for writing good software running on a windows operating system like Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

It’s always been a dream of mine to have something published on the MSDN website, and now I’ve got my chance and you can be a part of it! Even more exciting, I’m honored to be on a panel with two people who’ve personally taught me a lot about SharePoint, Spencer Harbar, MCM and MVP, and Matthew McDermott, MVP.

Next Wednesday at 11AM Central Time, I’ll be part of a panel with up to 14 other people with SharePoint Expertise to share by live chat. The other experts will either be a Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint, like me, or a SharePoint MVP or both. We’ll each be given time to introduce ourselves to the chat room and then we’ll take your questions. The expert most suited for each question will answer. The transcript will be saved and published on the MSDN Expert Chat archive.

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