Sahil’s Book and Virtualization

I just received my copy of Sahil Malik’s new SharePoint 2010 Development book. I’ve only read a few pages, but he’s already caught my attention with a great discussion of Virtualization Technologies applied to SharePoint Development. This is a tough topic and Sahil shows his experience with his options in the first chapter of the book.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010

I hope the rest of the book is as good as the first Chapter! By the way, Sahil meant the first chapter for .Net developers unfamiliar with SharePoint. While I’m sure there’s a lot in it for that audience, it works for me, too, and I’m a little more than just ‘familiar’ with Sharepoint! 🙂

  1. Its a brilliant book all the way..

  2. I’ll keep reading!

    I noticed you had a small correction for him on the workflow visualizations on your blog, too.

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