Monthly archive for June 2010

Import VSeWSS Projects to Visual Studio 2010

Yesterday, Paul Andrew announced availability of the VSeWSS import tool from MSDN. This tool compiles on machines running Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint 2010 and have the SharePoint 2010 SDK installed. If you are developing in SharePoint 2007 today, this tool can be an important step in your eventual upgrade to 2010. Personally, knowing I can develop with the Visual Studio Enhancements for Windows SharePoint Services today and import directly to VS2010 and SharePoint 2010 tomorrow gives me a feeling

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PowerShell SharePoint Features Comparison

One example of how PowerShell can help you in your SharePoint migration and upgrade tasks is directory comparison. I’ve used many tools for directory comparison before, but this is hands down the easiest when PowerShell is already installed. In three lines, you have a list of Features installed on one web front end but not the other. PowerShell Basics The solution is based on two out of the box PowerShell commands and one PowerShell principle. Dir command – lists the

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How to find an MCM

Are you looking for insight from a Microsoft Certified Master? Many of us blog, tweet and present regularly and want to be found. Here are some ways to find us: Meet the MCM’s Official, opt-in list of certification awards with Name and Company Master Blog BlogRoll Blog of the MCM/MCA program includes links to 29 blogs by SharePoint Masters My SharePoint MCM Tweeter List I’ve found 15 SharePoint MCM’s on Twitter Here’s an example of a 59 minute SharePoint 2010

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