Monthly archive for February 2010

SharePoint Services Reference

Troubleshooting SharePoint requires understanding the 8 Windows Services the platform depends on. Use this table to help identify services while researching issues. Also, pay attention to the account the service uses to run.   Security All of the services run with the permissions of the Local System with the following exceptions: SPTimerV3 runs as the account you designate in the SharePoint Configuration Wizard as the Farm Account OSearch runs as the service you configure for it in Central Admin SPTimerV3,

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New SharePoint Google Map Resources

At, Lee Reed has shared a 4 minute video demonstrating how to add a map set at a fixed location very quickly using only your browser. Quick, easy, simple and open to even the newest SharePoint Site user.   Separately, Sandy Jacalow’s done the same example, but written out with screenshots.   I love easy examples to build off of. If you find these two above interesting, you may want to read Parts 1 and 2 in my SharePoint

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