Know your SharePoint Recovery Point Objective?

Pictures backupIf you’ve read the Technet article, Plan for data protection and recovery, you’re familiar with the term, Recovery Point Objective. The Plan for data protection and recovery article also covers RPO and the related Recovery Time Objective. But what does this mean in your SharePoint environment?
If you use SharePoint today, you might want to consider what support for recovery you receive. If you are managing a SharePoint deployment you’ve no doubt fielded a request to recover content that’s been deleted. A less common scenario is for an end user to complain: “You haven’t backed up my content to a safe location 100 miles from the server in case of a fire!” This question often doesn’t come up until there is a fire in the datacenter, but do you want to wait until then?
Are you having these discussions at your organizations? Who’s taking the lead? I’m curious to hear how far others are along this path.
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