Monthly archive for November 2009

Know your SharePoint Recovery Point Objective?

If you’ve read the Technet article, Plan for data protection and recovery, you’re familiar with the term, Recovery Point Objective. The Plan for data protection and recovery article also covers RPO and the related Recovery Time Objective. But what does this mean in your SharePoint environment? If you use SharePoint today, you might want to consider what support for recovery you receive. If you are managing a SharePoint deployment you’ve no doubt fielded a request to recover content that’s been

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A SharePoint 2010 Install Experience

My friend and Co-worker, Rich Olivieri shares his experience with the new beta of SharePoint 2010 below. -Tom   ———————————————————–   My Approach to SharePoint 2010 beta Development Rich Olivieri, This weekend, I finally got a chance to go to the mattresses and build out my SharePoint 2010 development environment. I have come away victorious, but it was a bloody fight. My approach was to create a throw away environment which would last until the initial release of SharePoint

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Gannotti talks to MicroLink CTO Malcolm Hyson

Check out The SharePoint Samurai talking up DiscoverPoint, a product I contributed to in a small part.   The samurai otherwise known as Michael Gannotti talks with MicroLink CTO Malcolm Hyson at Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference. Gannotti is excited about the new MicroLink product DiscoverPoint and it’s integration of SharePoint with dynamic content from FAST ESP.   Malcolm is a Microsoft SharePoint MVP award winner and contributor to Manning Press’ online book SharePoint Server 2007 Survival Guide. He leads MicroLink’s product

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