A SharePoint Saturday Acknowledgement of B&R Solutions

SharePoint Saturday events are a phenomenon touching many parts of the US and the world this year. The community and sharing I witnessed attending and presenting at my first event, Boston, impressed me. Boston’s organizer, Michael Lotter, implored me to host a local event. SharePoint Saturday DC convinced me we had to bring the format to San Antonio. Dallas and NY reinforced my commitment. I’m so happy that we can bring the power of this movement to our city November 14th to finish the year.


Looking forward to November, I feel a debt of gratitude towards a group not acknowledged enough for their work in this movement. As I looked around Saturday’s venue, I realized I couldn’t find a single B&R Solutions logo. B&R is a New Jersey company focused on SharePoint Solutions. They are also the event co-organizer’s employer. I think Michael’s dedication has been noticed, but I see a pattern with this group that goes beyond the efforts of one person.


B&R SharePoint Team Lead and SharePoint MVP Bob Fox, led a talent-packed Ask the Experts panel Saturday. I can only imagine he provides a base of support and encouragement for Michael’s efforts. A co-worker, Becky Isserman, has contributed in person to so many SharePoint Saturdays that she must see the blue and red wave logo in her sleep. I hear consistently that Michael and Becky are not just emailing, tweeting and talking to me about organization of SharePoint Saturday, but to all of the other organizers, speakers, attendees and sponsors. Without the efforts of these three individuals who work for the same, small business, SharePoint Saturdays would not have come this far.


Will you join me in acknowledging B&R Solutions for their leadership in event organization? For a business that is not taking advantage of the opportunity to promote itself, I think we owe them community thanks.


To acknowledge B&R is not to diminish the efforts of the other individuals who have volunteered their time and companies which contributed their marketing dollars. I’m amazed at the friendly, engaging and selfless attitude of the many dozens of people I’ve gotten to know at these events. I know I engaged in this experience out of a desire to grow myself, but I never expected to get back so much in return for my few hours of preparation and travel.


Though I grew my confidence in public speaking through experience and learned from those I met this past weekend, some things were left for another day. I’m disappointed I didn’t have more time to spend with Mark Miller, who has shown me that being yourself is the best thing you can be. Or, Dan Usher, who taught me that another company, doing similar work in the same industry, is a partner, not a competitor. I wish I had had the time to meet Bob, who I’ve heard so much about.


I’m one voice, but I encourage you to join me

Do you think Bob, Michael and Becky get enough credit without this? Are there others who deserve even more credit and thanks? Please share your experiences in this blog’s comments, on twitter or by email.

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  1. I agree that B&R Solutions deserves recognition for their contributions to the SharePoint Saturday events. I’ve attended two of these events (Virgina Beach and Charlotte) and both have been excellent. I continue to be amazed at the generosity of my fellow SharePoint professionals in sharing their knowledge and time with the SharePoint community.

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