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Recent Twitter News Related to Government Emergency Management

  My Recent Tweets and this news: Twitter Sued Over Emergency Tweets “Alerting the public about a fire, hurricane or traffic accident on Twitter is an unlawful tweet.” Using Twitter in a Crisis: Effective Government Communication Tools Webinar Seminar cost $199 Twitter Outage Raises Concerns for Government “most agree concerns about Twitter’s reliability and security have become more impactful, especially as some police and fire departments have begun to "tweet" updates about potential hazards like the locations of car accidents

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What goes in the the type element of a .webpart file?

Creating a .webpart file Creating a Web Part for SharePoint is basically the same as creating a generic ASP.Net web part. One of the keys in ASP.Net webpart development is creating a webpart definition file with the extension .webpart. In SharePoint, an easy way to create the base of your .webpart file is to add your webpart to the Web Part Gallery of any Site Collection and then export the .webpart XSL that SharePoint Generates for you. Understanding the <Type

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