58 New SharePoint Blog Readers in 2 Days

Subscribe by RSS Thanks to all my new readers. I was surprised to see my Feedburner Chicklet showing 135 readers today and I wondered what caused the huge jump.

You’ll have to tell me if I’m correct, but my sleuthing showed an interesting coincidence. Did you subscribe because I removed all those Links from my feed? It was a feature called Feed Splicing from Feedburner.

Feed Splicing

On June 16th, I turned off Feed Splicing of my Delicious Bookmarks. If you liked the bookmarks follow me on Delicious http://delicious.com/resing. I had 73 subscribers to my RSS Feed on June 16th, and I had been sitting around there for the last few months as you can see in this graphic:


Two days later, I had 58 new subscribers! Coincidence? I’m not so sure.

Google Reader View

If you were holding back from subscribing to my feed in Google Reader because of the link posts, you can subscribe now without worry.

See all the posts marked “Links for [YYYY-MM-DD]”? They are a thing of the past!image

    Did you Subscribe because of the change? Let me know by adding a comment, using the contact form or at http://twitter.com/resing

    Update 8/1/2009: I saw on twitter some talk about FriendFeed numbers being added to Feedburner. Today, I confirmed this as the reason my numbers went up. So, thanks to all my FriendFeed followers!

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