iPod User Perspective on This Week in SharePoint Joel

Joel and Mark Miller may live on to be THE name in SharePoint Podcasts! I love the combination. These two characters complement each other very well. I felt like I was sitting right next to the two of them. In some ways it reminded me of the dinner after SharePoint Saturday Boston.

I listened to the first week’s broadcast on my iPod, but I did have to jump through a couple hoops. I downloaded the .mp4, added it to iTunes, and looked around for awhile before I realized it was in the Movie category not in music. Then I had to convert it to iPhone format before I could drag it over. After that, the sound on the iPhone was great.


I love the content and format. Keeping it to 15 minutes is perfect for bite size consumption. I left a similar comment on the End User SharePoint post with the first weeks recording.


My final message to Mark and Joel: get the mp3 on a Podcast feed and I won’t miss a week!

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