SharePoint Virtualization Resources from the Experts

I had a Twitter conversation with John Ferringer that unearthed some great SharePoint Virtualization Resources from some top SharePoint Experts.
Here’s the thread that kicked it all off:

 resing says:

@ferringer So, what are the I/O concerns for Database VM’s

ferringer says:

@resing Its resource contention. You’ve got both the OS & the DB trying to hit SAN for I/O, w/ VMs you take a 50% I/O hit right off the bat

ferringer says:

@resing I like this write up by @mikewat for SharePoint-specific info on virtualization:

ferringer says:

@resing and the SharePoint UK Team Blog did a good series on the topic as well:


sharepointac says:

GREAT article! RT @ferringer: @resing I like this write up by @mikewat for SharePoint-specific info on virtualization:

My Virtualization Summary

  1. Virtualization is a tricky subject and requires some good research and knowing your own IT Solutions
  2. There are obvious benefits to VMs and many organizations are taking advantage
  3. Leave SQL Virtualization until last

SharePoint Virtualization Resources

  1. The proper order of Server Virtualization in SharePoint
  2. Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Virtualize SQL Server
    1. After Brent’s article, I needed to read: Host adapter from Wikipedia
  3. Virtualizing SharePoint Series – High availability and disaster recovery, deployment best practices, common mistakes and summary

Update: June 25th, fixed broken image link

  1. Hi! Great point – I’ll add more info about what an HBA is in that article.

  2. Thanks for the update Brent! I’m a server virtualization novice. I administer VM’s but don’t administer SAN’s.

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