My Brother Chief Scientist on a Jason Expedition

Not SharePoint related, my brother Joe has a new blog about a research trip he’s taking. Joe is the Chief Scientist for the NE Lau Basin exploration with the Jason robots!

We will explore the sites of these two eruptions from May 5th to May 13th, aboard the University of Washington’s Research Vessel T.G. Thompson. We will be using the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Jason 2 and the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) D. Allan B. The Jason 2 will collect samples of rocks, hot spring waters, microbes, and macro biological specimens. The D. Allan B. will deliver high-resolution maps of the eruption sites.


Joseph Resing
I explore new hydrothermal systems using the chemistry of hydrothermal plumes. I am interested in new eruptions and the effect that these eruptions have on the ocean. The chemistry can tell you a lot about what is happing on the seafloor. I look at the composition of particles, the amount of acid, the amount of Carbon dioxide, and the concentrations of iron and manganese.

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