How to move a site in SharePoint, Let me count the ways

Someone just asked me about moving a site with subsites to a new location, but didn’t have details.


Without knowing the situation, here are some of the countless options with considerations:


image 1) Site Collection level backup and restore

only applies if the subsite is a site collection and you can overwrite the exisiting top level site

use stsadm -o backup and stsadm -o restore


2) stsadm -o export and stsadm -o import

may require manual touch up

but works on site level, not limited to entire site collections


3) save site template with content

one site at a time

limited by size of the content

The default limit is 10mb for one template, but the limit can be changed

  1. Using Site Manager (publishing feature required) to move site via UI http://servername/sites/sitename/_layouts/sitemanager.aspx

  2. Michael, That’s a good one! As far as I can tell, it’s roughly the equivalent of export/import. Pros: UI, drag and drop Cons: limited to moves within the site collection. -Tom

  3. you forgot the sharepoint designer…

  4. Jamil, SharePoint Designer adds multiple options, as well. You have a a differnt backup tool there and save as a package option, for two of them. We could try to make an exhaustive list, but it would take some effort. -Tom

  5. There is one more method which one can use to move sites: SharePoint Manager 2007. Have a look at

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