First American CTO a Web 2.0 Guy

The Wall Street Journal has coverage of Obama’s pick of the current CTO of the District of Columbia as the first CIO of the United States.
Vivek Kundra is the man who created an internal Wiki for the DC Government that took off on their intranet. He’s a big proponent of online collaboration. He won’t be mandating SharePoint for all government agencies, but how about ObamaBlog and ConstitutionWiki? Twitter feeds for pork?
This announcement and the upcoming CTO placement are a great start for a technology literate administration in the White House.
Do you expect big improvements in government technology in the coming years? Let me know your thoughts with a comment or email.
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  1. This if off topic, but I noticed that anonymous users have the ability to access your mobile site of your blog.
    By doing this don’t you also open up any and all your lists to being accessed also. Just wondering since I am working with a share point blog and trying to figure out how to enable the mobile version of the blog without giving access to all system pages.

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