Blogs and Wikis becoming more recognized in business

I’m a big fan of blogs and wikis, tools built into Microsoft SharePoint. I recently found two great examples and a new White Paper that I’d like to share.

Liz Elizondo, a San Antonio SharePoint User Group Member shares a great example of SharePoint wiki use from her experience. They transferred Operations Manuals on CD ROM to a wiki with a few issues, but to great response.

My brother Mike works at Marriott and we recently had a great discussion about CEO Bill Marriott’s Blog. Bill loves being the voice of Marriott and this online outlet is getting them a lot of press. He dictates his posts, which reduces the technology barrier and gives his posts a conversational tone.

I also recently discovered this December 2008 White Paper from Mindsharp, registration required:

Update 2/22: I apologize that the draft of this post was published on Friday before finishing details. I hope you enjoy the finished post!

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  1. The main challenge that I’ve come across recently is finding ways to figure out if someone really wants a blog, a forum or a wiki. For some reason they seem to think they’re all the same. 🙂 Great find with regard to the MindSharp Paper!

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