Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint – Webcasts

Silverlight enables rich integration with SharePoint through web service hooks. And, Patrick Tisseghem made some great Screencasts before he passed. I heard his voice while watching a couple of the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint webcasts from the Aug 19 2008 release. It was bittersweet.


Codeplex doesn’t allow links to documents, so go to the Beta 2 release page to download the 5 screencasts available for Beta 2 or the two available for RTM

Screencast for Sample 1

Patrick narrates and demonstrates the Hello World sample. He covers Silverlight basics, deployment of the included Webpart code and .XAP file and the finished product

Screencast for Sample 5

A six minute walkthrough of the web service code included in the project, deployment and the working sample, pictured below.


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