On Michael Gannotti’s SharePoint Brown Bag and Blog Network

Microsoft SharePoint blogger Michael Gannotti hosted a live meeting brown bag today.

Two things I loved about it

  1. Insight into Microsoft’s future direction on SharePoint
  2. He used the Facebook Blog Networks Application to host the details

Facebook Blog Networks Application


You can now Join my network for Tom Resing’s SharePoint Blog on Facebook. Michael joined my newtork today. It’s a great forum for readers of my blog. As a value add for people in his network, he published the live meeting details on Facebook only.

Brown Bag

Mike answered the following questions

  • Sharepoint at pdc (from me)
  • Sharepoint migration from 32bit to 64bit
  • Zune questions
  • SharePoint as application platform
  • SharePoint Saturdays
  • Office 14 web server (from me)
  • Azure Windows SharePoint Services (from me)

I zoned out during the brief Zune discussion and took most notes and took best notes on the answers to my questions, but I found the other SharePoint questions very interesting. My take below.

Sharepoint at PDC

If you didn’t get a chance to watch or attend the PDC Keynotes, there was nothing big on SharePoint specifically. Windows Azure and Windows 7 were the focus and Office 14 Web Applications just barely made it in.

Sharepoint migration from 32bit to 64bit

Mikey explained there is no issue migrating content from 32bit to 64bit by backup and restore. He said there’s a huge issue migrating across domains. I’ve blogged about it in an October 2nd post titled SharePoint 2007 Upgrade with a Domain Migration

SharePoint as application platform

Mike suggested Nintex and K2 with Bluethread as shortcuts to application development on SharePoint.

SharePoint Saturdays

The Virginia Beach area will have a SharePoint Saturday acoording to a planner on the call. It’s a neat idea, similar to a Code Camp bot "not as geeky", she said.

Office 14 web server

Was SharePoint the server behind those rich client, web enabled colloaborative Office 14 demos at PDC? Unknown or unannounced, according to Mike G.

I’ll ask this one again at next’s months Brown Bag. Mike did say that SharePoint Document Library integration was in the works. Which version of SharePoint, he wouldn’t say.

Azure Windows SharePoint Services

If you watched Ray Ozzie’s PDC Keynote, you know Microsoft’s cloud services are similar to their server offerings with matching names, but they are not the same. The WSS component promises integration pieces for your internally hosted SharePoint Server.

This was a big insight for me. I wondered how or if Microsoft would be approaching commercial clients like big banks and government institutions like the Department of Defense with these "cloud services." Mike’s answer, host your confidential stuff yourself, but leverage the Azure Windows SharePoint Services to add data into your platform. Sounds a lot like the Mapping Mashups I’ve been explaining may get easier with Azure.


Thanks for the brown bag, Mike!

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  1. Thanks for the write-up of the session. I also posted the video recording here as well http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/blogs/mikeg/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=1352

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