Taking Joel Oleson’s Advice

When you work with SharePoint long enough, one guy whose blog you certainly find answers on is Joel Oleson. Since leaving Microsoft, Joel’s blog posts have been really strong on another topic, marketing your blog.
Here are some of my favorite posts of his from his new independent blog:
  1. Ranking Your Blog – Managing and Gaining Popularity
  2. 10 Easy Tips and Tricks to Successful Twitter Microblogging
  3. 10 Steps to Real Business Value in Twitter
  4. SharePoint Custom Site Definition Battle – Common Ground

Number 1 in the list has some great tips on increasing the visibility of your blog. I’ve taken a lot of his tips.

  • Google Reader – I wasn’t listed and I think I’ve tracked it down to the broken RSS link on my main page
  • Technorati – see the profile on the left side of my posts. I’m listed but pings are broken. Probably the broken RSS Link
  • BlogLines – listing there required adding some code into my home page and in this blog entry

We’ll see if any of it gets me listed in Joel’s next Top 100 SharePoint Blogs.

Update 5:46: I can’t read directions. Bloglines needed me to append this post with a hidden comment that’s not as easy as it seemed.

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