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I’ve been working with the Community Kit for SharePoint Enhanced Blog Edition, or CKS:EBE, for two reasons. For one, I want to improve the blog I’m posting to. But also, blogging is a powerful way of publishing on the web and I want to understand all of the options available to our SharePoint customers with this great extension of the blogging functionality built in to SharePoint.


Along those lines, I’ve been making a number of edits to the default theme on Tom’s SharePoint Blog. For one change, I’ve turned to Chris Obrien, SharePoint MVP, who has an article appropriately titled Great controls to be aware of when building SharePoint sites. My favorite part of this article is where Chris shows how a couple of tags can display the name of the list and the name of the item dynamically on the page. I’ve used this technique to great effect when authoring custom display forms in lists. But in CKS:EBE theme’s the item title tag shows the title of the blog.


I also came across a post by Tom Clarkson on improving titles in CKS:EBE. I made his modification today. It results in the strange title you see on this post right now.


Has anyone else been tried something like this?


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Update 9/17/2008 12:06PM CST: Tom Clarkson was kind enough to troubleshoot by email. I’m providing a copy of his working PostTitle.xsl file for download. You can see the new improved post titles now! And make sure to modify Post.aspx. Yesterday, I was modifying theme.master by mistake.

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  1. Great find Tom! Making the CKS:EBE even better.

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