Question from a friend, “easier image upload for wiki use?”

George asks:
Question for you (but feel free not to answer any time soon, if you’re busy) Do you use the wiki functionality in MOSS much?  By default I notice that adding graphical content like images and such is kinda painful because you can’t do uploads to an image library or doc library directly from the wiki WYSIWYG editor.  From your experience, is that something that’s true across the board (or are we just unlucky within XXX company at the way it’s been deployed here).  Any suggestions from experience in improving that interface (i.e. custom code deployed to the farm or external product add-ins, etc…)?
The short answer? Sorry, George you’re out of luck with the Out of the Box experience. Create an image library, upload your image, copy the shortcut to the image and paste it into the image url box on your wiki post. That’s the process for now.
The long answer? I’d love to hear your answer in the comments or the contact form.
There is a lot of potential for improvement. Some commercial options exist, like SocialText’s SocialPoint for SharePoint and KWizCom’s SharePoint Wiki Plus ($2499 with 1yr support). The latter does say it supports easier image uploading. I haven’t tried either yet.
On codeplex, the excellent Community Kit for SharePoint project hosts the Enhanced Wiki Edition. If this project ever builds up enough steam, like the Enhanced Blog Edition, it may be come a must for Sharepoint wikis. At this time, it adds only minor functionality and doesn’t support image uploading.
Also, check out these resources on the web:
  1. Hi Tom,
    in the meantime I have released the sourcecode for my Wikiwebpart.
    An even better solution would be my custom field type, which does almost the same as the webpart. But it is more flexible, since it allows you to upload an image/document while you create a new wiki page. Not only during editing an existing one.


  2. René, Thanks for reading and commenting. Feel free to add a link in a comment to your webpart and custom field type solutions. Tom

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