Outlook 2007 makes SharePoint 2007 easy

EasyButton     Did you know that Microsoft’s 2007 versions of Outlook and SharePoint have some great new connections when working with calendars? If not, you might take a minute to read through View and update a SharePoint calendar on MS Office Online.
    The SharePoint connection to Outlook goes way beyond the Calendar. Did you know that you can read and post to Discussion Groups from Outlook? Even if you’ve never created Tasks in Outlook, you might consider it now. With the new versions only of these products, you can edit SharePoint Task lists in Outlook. Contacts work in a similar way and also synchronize with your SharePoint server Tasks.
    Have you ever needed to edit a Word doc you stored in SharePoint on a plane? If you had connected your Document Library to Outlook before the flight, you could.
   For more on how to take advantage of these features and others, including Picture Libaries, check out SharePoint and Outlook articles on Office Online or these resources from other sources:

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